One year at Amazon Web Services

Damn time flies. The days, the weeks, the projects, the travel, the new services, the old services, the skills, the learning, the customer obsession…. everything.

Really is a tornado at the moment in this industry and I am at the centre of it. Though that would imply the eye of the storm which wouldn’t be so savage…. but aside from that you all get what I mean? All 5 of you that may still read this down from the heady days of a few hundred loyal readers many moon cake festivals ago.


Off to work for Amazon Web Services!

Making History….working hard…..having some fun.


Still Alive

I really should blog more.  But Twitter and LinkedIn make it so much easier than blogging.  Then again I do need to rekindle my love of tech. And doing consulting in Australia is a lot more boring than a Startup in China.  On the other hand, my diet, exercise and stress levels are much better.


It’s been a while – SKAFFOLD Launches

It’s been a long while between posts.

In the interim the following has happened:

- Gone through a public company’s voluntary administration and subsequent exit

- Started consulting more and bringing some up to date Infrastructure and Linux love to Australia

- Bought a house

- went live!  Check it out.

I will get back into this now that things start to settle down.  A bit to also talk about in China and most importantly now that I am in Australia.  I am gaining a better understanding of China as I can compare and contrast.  A whole new insight so to speak.



EQUINIX – Would you like fries with that?

Had a good tour of the EQUNIX facility in Sydney today.  Been to a few (EQUINIX Locations) around the world and yet again the structure, layout and operation procedures are identical to all.

The McDonalds of IDC’s?

I mean that in a good way.  I can see why they offer such a compelling IDC choice for many companies.  From being carrier neutral, easy cross connects, standardised security and operational procedures – heck even the free wifi is based on the same docket printing and login system.

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China .CN TLD Registration Rules Change Again #complete_shock

Who didn’t see this one coming?

Maybe a few “China Consultants” who are out busy trying to sell their expertise (cough) on Guanxi and gan bei?  But the rest of you I am sure will be dragging out the #conplete_shock hash tag right about now, right?

In any case, it is now not the case that a business can register a domain name.  Get this.  Businesses are NOT ALLOWED to own .CN domain names.  ONLY INDIVIDUALS.  I’ll let you all ponder why that may be the case.  It is about as hard as figuring out why BBQ’s attract flies.

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Guanxi #fake_china_consultant

I won’t write too much on this.  Did so already on LinkedIn and then David Wolf did it over on Silicon Hutong.

You people out there know who you are.  Stop trying to take the short cuts and giving us genuine China hands a bad reputation.